Cayo Santa María and Cayo Ensenachos

Cayo Ensenachos is located in the province of Villa Clara in Cuba, very close to Cayo Santa María. Its small size makes it the smallest of the North Keys, but one of the most beautiful in the Cuban archipelago. There are the best beaches in the area: Los Ensenachos and El Mégano, with small waves and spectacular waters with shades between green and blue.

Cayo Santa Maria


Dotted with small undulating hills and cliffs that enliven the landscape, Cayo Santa María has an elongated and narrow configuration (just over 13 km long and 1.6 km in its widest portion) arranged from east to west.
Its north coast has extensive beaches (just over 10 km) of fine white sand and velvety crystalline waters of surprising blue-green tones surrounded by a hotel infrastructure harmoniously integrated into the environment that have made it one of the main tourist centers of the Caribbean country. The south, however, is occupied by mangroves and marshes, forming several inlets (La Oliva, Pelo de Oro and Santa María). Its extreme points are Punta del Este de Santa María (East and South), Punta Matamoros (West) and Punta Madruguilla (North).

Even when its beaches are interrupted by low rocky cliffs (farallones) that enhance its beauty, its sandy bottoms and turquoise waters of incomparable transparency make up a continuous whole from Playa Cañón, in the extreme west, to the access channel to the Santa María cove by Cayo Ballenatos.
Its dunes, on the other hand, reach heights close to 7 meters above sea level at Los Delfines beach, serving as a natural viewpoint over the surrounding vegetation.
Given their recent formation and greater relative height, the beaches of the eastern region of the key are in many cases still unstable, disappearing and reappearing in the heat of the restless waves that haunt them almost all year round.
However, Las Gaviotas beach belongs to the Cayo Santa María Fauna Refuge of particular interest due to its particular isolation from the hotel infrastructure, its calm atmosphere, shallow depth and exceptionally calm sea that make it a pool of daunting proportions to the accessed by a pleasant path through the forest.

How can I go to Cayo Ensenachos?

To access Cayo Ensenachos there are several options. You can take the Pedraplén from the island of Cuba and this road built on the Caribbean runs through the Cayerías del Norte, that is, Cayo Las Brujas, Cayo Ensenachos and finally Cayo Santa María. A less frequent option is to fly to Cayo Las Brujas Airport or Abel Santa María in Santa Clara and from there take the Pedraplén, to get to Cayo Ensenachos. What you should know before traveling is that if you want to go to Cayo Ensenachos from Havana, the journey is long and you could consider making a stop along the way.

What are the best beaches in Cayo Ensenachos?

The crystal clear turquoise water of the Caribbean is accentuated in these keys and Playa Los Ensenachos is a perfect example. At 1km in length, this unspoilt beach offers you a unique spot for snorkeling and sunbathing. It also has a nearby restaurant, Ranchón Pelícano. Playa Mégano is a different alternative since it has more services. Several nearby restaurants and hotel complexes make Playa Mégano have a more party-like atmosphere. It also has 1 km of sand and is close to a nautical center.

How do you get to Cayo Santa María?

To get to Cayo Santa María from Varadero by land it takes 5 hours and 30 minutes, and a little more than 6 hours from Havana. By air, from Havana to Cayo Santa María it is 45 minutes.

What is the best time to travel to Santa María fell?

The best time to travel to Cayo Santa Maria in Cuba is from January to December, where you have a pleasant or warm climate and hardly even little precipitation. The average maximum temperature in Cayo Santa Maria is 30 ° C in July and 25 ° C in January. The water temperature is between 26 ° C and 32 ° C.

Which hotels in Cayo Santa María are good for families?

Hotel Playa Cayo Santa Maria, Grand Memories Santa Maria, and Grand Aston Cayo Las Brujas Beach Resort & Spa have all received fantastic reviews from families traveling to Cayo Santa Maria.