Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo del Sur, known simply as Cayo Largo, is a small Cuban island located in the Caribbean Sea, at the eastern end of the Canarreos Archipelago. It is part of the Isla de la Juventud municipality, whose capital, Nueva Gerona, is 135 kilometers away. It has a total area of ​​37.5 km² and 25 kilometers in length, almost entirely of beach.


The key is of karstic and coral origin, with low coastal vegetation in the central and southern part and mangroves on the North coast where canals and lagoons abound with rich marine life. To a large extent it is in a natural state and quite well preserved. It has around 20 km of high quality sandy beaches, with clear waters and fine white sand, many of them almost virgin, which in fact constitute its main tourist attraction.

The fauna is rich in species, especially birds and fish, although here the iguanas stand out for their popularity, a species of reptiles that despite their threatening appearance are, like all the other animals of these keys and of Cuba in general, completely harmless.

How do you get to Cayo Largo del Sur?

To go to Cayo Largo del Sur, the only transportation available for tourists is by plane. They organize day trips from Havana or Varadero that include flights and a catamaran excursion to Playa Sirena and Cayo Iguana, but I recommend spending 3 days there.

How to travel from Havana to Cayo Largo del Sur?

To be able to go to Cayo Largo del Sur from Havana the only way is on the Aero Gaviota planes. These flights are not daily and they do not have a defined schedule. That is, you buy the flight for a date and 24 hours before they will call you by phone to tell you the flight schedules.

How to get to Playa Paraíso?

This beach can be reached in several ways: by catamaran (you go by land to the marina and there they are ready to set sail), by taxi or by train (if it is in operation, this depends on the time of year). Undoubtedly it takes more time but it is worth it is the arrival at these beautiful beaches by catamaran.

Where to stay in Cayo Largo?

  • Hotel Sol Cayo Largo
  • Hotel Pelicano

¿Cuales son las mejores playas en Cayo Largo?

  • Paraíso Beach
  • Sirena Beach
  • Punta Mal Tiempo Beach
  • White Beach
  • Los Cocos Beach
  • Tortuga Beach
  • Lindamar Beach
  • Luna Beach